The Bears Paw Café, Frog On The Bog, and Whitegold Adventures present


7 Summits Bike and Hike Challenge

Wells/Barkerville, BC. September


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Distances and elevations look like this:

  1. From Barkerville to Groundhog lake at Km 7
  2. Hike 2 summits  (7 km) return to bike at Km 13)
  3. Ride to Cow Mtn trail at Km 23
  4. Summit Cow (1560 m) (1 km hike return 100m elevation gain)
  5. Ride to Barkerville Hwy at Km 28
  6. Ride to bottom of Murray at Km 33
  7. Hike to top of Murray (highest point at 1993 metres) and over to Slide (1935m) through a 1850 m pass
  8. Hike to bottom of Slide Mtn trail elevation (1200 m)(total hike 11km) at Km 42.5
  9. Bike to Wells over Downey pass and Cornish Mountain (elevation at pass:1300m)
  10. End at The Bear's Paw (1200 m) Km 52

In 2007 it took two old guys 11 hours, at a moderate pace, taking pictures and eating food to measure the course.  Most Participants beat this time, despite a raging storm! In 2008 ALL participants finished in great weather in under 10 hours and the fast, fit guys could do it in under 7 hours. There are cut-off times at three locations to help you understand your progress. If you don't make the cutoff time to each of these locations, you don't proceed for safety reasons.

Enjoy this 2009 Race slide show or click on the picture screen for a full sized view.



For more info, hard copies of registration forms or details, contact:

Cheryl Macarthy / Dave Jorgenson
The Bear's Paw Cafe / Frog on the Bog Gifts
Box 206, Wells, BC, V0K 2R0
Toll Free: 1-866-994-2345

On the slopes of Mt. Murray with Mount Agnes in the Distance

Whitegold Adventures

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